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Debbie Lindquist, M.D.


Hello, my name is Debbie Lindquist. I am a Medical Oncologist who teaches Avatar. I have been an Oncologist for over 20 years and began teaching Avatar because I believe spiritual wellbeing is an important tool in overcoming cancer. A cancer diagnosis is a difficult, life-changing event. You are faced with an overwhelming number of opinions, choices and decisions. You find yourself surrounded by friends, family members and professionals who are anxious to help, but finding the best approach for the journey ahead can be daunting. Don't be intimidated, EMPOWER YOURSELF! The teachings and techniques of Avatar can bring strength and clarity to the days ahead. It has been my honor to share these tools with my patients and their families and to witness their transformations into radiant beings!

Curious? Please see my article on "Avatar and Medicine" to learn more. Don't be shy, stroll through the site where you can get to know me better while acquainting yourself with Avatar. I look forward to meeting you!

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